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Warm/Insulated Roofing

An Insulated roof can have the insulation on the inside.

A warm roof is a method of constructing a flat roof where the insulation is on the outside of the structural roofdeck. This means that the roofdeck is kept at the same temperature as the room below and therefore no condensation can form on the underside of the roofdeck.

As a result, insulation is not required between the joists, and any pipework between the joists is not subject to extremes of temperature.

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Warm Roof Construction

A: Roof Covering  B: Overlay Board  C: Rigid Insulation  D: Vapour Barrier

E: Structural Roof Deck  F:  Timber Joists  G: Ceiling Joists

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Optional Insulation 

Tel: 01473 611366 Mobile: 07886 682610

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Insulation being laid 


Tel: 01473 611366 Mobile: 07886 682610